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Child's Information

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Parent's Information

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Authorizations & Waivers

I authorize my child to receive medical treatment should it become necessary. I also authorize church personnel to secure the use of an ambulance if necessary for transporting my child to the nearest facility.
I agree:*
I give permission for my child to use all of the play equipment and participate in all the activities of the preschool. I hereby release AHBC and personel from any and all liabilities that might incur while attending WEE. I give permission for my child to be included in evaluations and pictures connected with the preschool program.
I agree:*
I agree to pay the monthly tuition dues between the first and the tenth of each month. I understand that this is not refundable and the total amount is to be paid regardless of the number of days my child is absent.
I agree:*

wee staff


Emily Condry - WEE Director
E-mail: emily@arrowheights.org
Phone: (918) 451-1815

Tressy Wright - WEE Assistant Director
E-mail: twright@arrowheights.org
Phone: (918) 451-1815


To know our policies and expectations, please familiarize yourself with our Policy Book. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the WEE office. Thank you!