Worship Choir Christmas Reherasal

Worship is often equated with church music. However, worship is much more than this. Fundamentally, it has nothing to do with music or art; yet, these realms can be powerful expressions of our worship. Worship is, as Paul defines it in Romans 12:1, the act of offering one's self to the Lord as a living sacrifice. This conscious decision is to affect every aspect of our lives. When we are living lives of genuine worship, we will be moved to express our worship in wonderfully fresh and artistic ways. This is the driving force behind the worship ministry of Arrow Heights. There are many opportunities for you to lend your voice or talent. However, we must be worshipers in our daily lives before our artistic expressions will be received by God.

Worship Choir

The Celebration Choir is the backbone of the worship ministry at Arrow Heights; all other ensembles including our praise teams operate as extensions of this wonderful group of worship leaders. The Celebration Choir leads worship every week during the corporate worship experience, and prepares special seasonal presentation throughout the year. This is an open group, not requiring an audition. They rehearse every Wednesday from 6:45-8:00 PM, in the Worship Center. Come join us!

Praise Team

The praise team is a group of vocalists auditioned from within the Worship Choir to lead our corporate worship out front, from the platform. This dedicated group of singers strives to demonstrate scriptural worship in their own lives, while always developing their musical talents. If you have a desire to serve as part of this ensemble, we ask that you first become a faithful member of the worship choir.

Praise Band

The rhythm band forms the core of the instrumental program at Arrow Heights. This group comprises piano, keyboard(s), guitars, bass, and drums. They serve alongside the orchestra to accompany the weekly worship experience, as well as special presentations. Because of the advanced requirements of this core group of players, this is an auditioned group. If you have a talent in this area, please contact the worship office with your interest.

Children's Choir

Children's Choirs at Arrow Heights are designed to invest both musically and spiritually in the lives of your little ones. With graded classes for children ages pre-K through 6th grade, there is a place for your child! Our children's choirs include music, motions, drama, instruments, hymn memory, games and more. At the end of each semester, our combined children's choirs present a program for the entire church. There is no cost for your child to attend children's choir. Children's Choir meets each Sunday evening throughout the school year, from 6:00-7:30 pm.

Silvertones Senior Adult Choir

Our senior adult choir has a wonderful time singing for our church family, for retirement villages, other churches, and for revival meetings in the area. Open to anyone, age 55 and up, you will be encouraged, ministered to, and blessed by these wonderful singers of our faith. The Silvertones rehearse Tuesday mornings from 10:00-11:00 AM in the Celebration Room.

cardboard testimonies

Our church recently partnered with a local video production company to produce a moving collection of cardboard testimonies entitled, "Jesus Saves." Watch below, and share it with your friends!